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Jungle Swing

2013-03-29 12:44:29 by mckillagan1337

So I uploaded Jungle Swing a couple days ago. Not going to lie the reception was expected, however what I do love about newgrounds is that all the user reviews have constructive criticism and where they have a problem with the game they say something positive. So thank you everyone who left a review, the game is a very old build from Flash 8 and none of you tore it apart.

Hi Everyone

2013-03-25 14:13:13 by mckillagan1337

I'm back! And by that I mean a few years ago I used to go by Shmelo and Pixelz on newgrounds. I used to make cartoons and games and they are still on Newgrounds under the username Pixelz (a phase, wish it was still shmelo...). I started a new website called which is a games website, I'm trying to take my old games and revamp some of them and I'm using Mochibot and basically trying to get something remotely constructive together. So far I have only redone Hookshot which is now Jungle Swing (since I don't want to infringe anymore...). I will submit it to newgrounds soon, but I am working on a totally new game for myself that I think will be pretty cool. I'll have more on that later.

I don't want to call a beta, its more of practice, and a place to showcase some new games as I try to get these rusty fingers working again. Its been almost seven years since I've programmed or drawn anything in Flash. Seriously. On top of that I wasn't good at my prime. But it is a fun outlet and a recent tragedy in my life has brought me back to this as it does provide a release.

So we'll see, hopefully I'll put up a couple of games here soon.